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Halloween Seiko 5s
Posted Oct 30, 2014

Tis the season for all things orange. Here are our picks for the best Halloween Seiko 5s.

Back to Adding Watches
Posted Oct 25, 2014

After a week focused on moving the site from to it was nice to get back to adding watches to the catalog. Many of the models listed below were suggested via our feedback form. With these 25 new models our total is up to 1,125!

Moved to a New Domain
Posted Oct 19, 2014

Seiko 5 Finder has moved from to

There are two reasons we decided to make this change.

First, it occurred to us that using "seiko" in the domain name might constitute trademark infringement. We're not sure this is the case but we'd rather be safe than sorry so we moved the site as quickly as we could.

The second reason is more positive. Given the enthusiastic and positive response to the site we thought it might be fun to make similar catalogs for other types of watches. We'll probably wait until we start to run out of new Seiko 5s so that might be a while. The WatchSleuth site can serve as an umbrella site for any future catalogs we create.

We really appreciate the positive feedback we've received and we hope that in the future when you want to send someone to the Seiko 5 Finder you'll use the new URL.

Happy watch hunting!

Watch Overviews and 10,000 Visits
Posted Oct 16, 2014

Today we added a watch overview section to the top of each watch detail page. This section summarizes the key features of the watch to help people who may not enjoy reading a list of specifications.

We also have another exciting announcement. According to Google Analytics, Seiko 5 Finder has now been visited more than 10,000 times since its launch in July. We are very excited by the positive and enthusiastic response to our site from people all around the world.

Apparently the watch forum WatchUSeek enjoys over 60,000 visitors per day! It just goes to show there are lots of people out there who love watches.

User Feedback and 1,100 Models
Posted Oct 14, 2014

As more and more people use our site we are starting to get some good feedback. Thanks to user suggestions we were able to update the lug widths for several watches and add quite a few more watch models to our todo list. With these 25 new models our total is up to 1,100!

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