Privacy Policy

Information Collected by this Site

When you visit a page on the server logs some standard information about your visit including:

  • your IP address
  • the date and time of your visit
  • the pages you view
  • the page URL you came from (if you arrived by clicking on a link)
  • and the versions of your browser and operating system
All of this information is anonymous. No personally identifiable information is collected by this website.

Google Analytics

To make it easier to understand how visitors access this site Google Analytics is used. Google Analytics uses cookies, small text files placed on your computer, to allow it to determine if you are a new or repeat visitor to this site. In addition to the anonymous information listed above Google Analytics collects your screen resolution and tries to determine your city using your IP address. Information collected by Google Analytics is used to compile reports on website activity for only. To see the privacy policy for Google Analytics visit:


Cookies are very small text files. If while using you indicate a preference for which domain (.com, .uk, .ca, .fr, .de, .it, .es) and which currency (dollar, pound, euro) to view for prices and availability a cookie will be stored on your computer. Each time you load a page on we retrieve the value stored in this cookie to determine which prices and availability to display. The only information stored in the cookie is our web address, your price preference and an expiration date for the cookie.

Suggestion Form

Personal information is collected if you provide it in the suggestion form on this site. Any information you provide will be stored. This information will never be shared with any other parties.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Any changes to the privacy policy will be reflected on this page. In the unlikely event that a policy change might affect personal information collected by the suggestion form all people affected will be notified to allow them to prevent any unwanted disclosure.

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