WatchSleuth Visitor Map

The email and feedback we receive here at WatchSleuth is overwhelmingly positive and the same is true of the comments we find about our site on watch forums around the world. To celebrate our amazing users we decided to make a map to show where they are from.

WatchSleuth uses Google Analytics to determine how many people visit our site and which pages they view. This information helps us calculate our watch popularity scores and make decisions about how to improve the site. Google also provides the country of origin for most of our visitors.

2016 Visitor Map

The map below covers all visits from January 1, 2016 through September 24, 2016. Hover over or click on a country to see the number of sessions from that country.

If you rotate your phone or tablet you may need to refresh the page to make the map larger.

A few notes about the map:

  • Singapore does not show up on the world map so its 16.9k visitors were added to Malaysia
  • Hong Kong does not show up on the world map so its 7.7k visitors were added to China

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