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Whether you are trying to find the perfect watch or trying to find out more about a watch you already own, WatchSleuth can help by doing some of the detective work for you. Our ever growing collection of watch catalogs include many models that are difficult to research elsewhere online and provide more comprehensive specifications and search options than any other website. Feedback from our users helps us to make continual improvements to our data. Choose from one of our six catalogs to find the watch you've been looking for.

We have cataloged over 2,500 models from this highly popular line of reliable, affordable and well respected watches. It can be difficult to find Seiko 5s online since searching for them on most sites gives you lots of Seikos that are not Seiko 5s. Rest assured every watch in our Seiko 5 catalog is indeed a Seiko 5. If you're looking to buy your first automatic (self-winding mechanical) watch and want to do it on a budget then this is the best place to start.

If you're looking for a dive watch or a watch that has a diver style then this catalog is the place to look. Seiko is the global standard in dive watches thanks to 50+ years of innovation and we've cataloged over 600 Seiko divers and diver-style watches. No other site can show you the full range of models from the first ones made to those that are currently in production. Set the water resistance search criteria to 200 or above to find true divers.

For a step up in style and quality over the Seiko 5 line the Seiko SAR catalog delivers. Some of Seiko's most popular watches of all time, such as the Spirit, Alpinist and Cocktail Time can be found here. The quality of the movements and the fit and finishing details of these watches make them functional works of art.

This ever growing catalog is where we will gradually catalog every Seiko chronograph we can find. Our search criteria are unrivaled and even include the minimum resolution, maximum duration and layout of the subdials. If you know what you want then we help you narrow down your choices quickly to avoid sifting through watches that do not meet your desired criteria.

Out newest catalog is where we will gradually catalog every Seiko kinetic we can find. Seiko led the way in the watch industry with their introductino of quartz watches that are powered by the movement of your arm.

Our first catalog to branch out beyond the Seiko brand features a complication that indicates the phase of the moon. Other websites make it difficult to search for moonphases and often confuse true moon phases with day/night indicators. We are here to make it easy and clear.

The WatchSleuth catalogs are the most comprehensive available online for their respective types of watches. They offer a wide variety of searchable criteria as well as frequently updated lists of the most popular models. For each watch they provide model numbers, pictures, specifications, a list of similar watches and links to sellers and appropriate accessories.

We hope you enjoy browsing our catalogs and and we hope you find the perfect watch for you. If you have any suggestions for improving the site please let us know.

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