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18 Newly Released Models
Posted Nov 21, 2014

PhilippineWatchClub's Seiko Forum was where we first found out about several newly released Seiko 5 models. So far we've tracked down 18 new models and added them to our database. We also added seven older models to bring our total model count up to an even 1,200.

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The New Models:

Additional Older Models:

Sellers Found and Amazon Watch Sale
Posted Nov 18, 2014

We did some searching and found sellers for fifteen watches that previously had no seller in our database. If you like any of the watches below you can now purchase them.

While we generally avoid having advertisements on our site we thought we should share that Amazon is currently having a sale: 20% off Select Watches from Nov 18 to Nov 24, 2014. Enter the promo code 20FFWATCH at checkout for a discount on eligible items sold and shipped by Amazon. We can't tell if that's supposed to be a number 0 or a letter O in the promo code so you might need to try each of them. Unfortunately there do not seem to be any eligible Seikos but there are some eligible Orient watches which we are happy to recommend.

Seiko 5 Buyer's Guide
Posted Nov 15, 2014

The Seiko 5 Finder website was built to help people find their perfect watch. We provide more search criteria than any other watch site. This helps watch shoppers sort through the large number of available Seiko 5s. Up until now it was really best suited for people who already knew what they were looking for.

But what about people who don't already know what they want? To help these people with their watch search we have created the Seiko 5 Buyer's Guide. We hope you enjoy the guide and we hope it helps you find your perfect watch.

Another Batch of 25 Seiko 5s
Posted Nov 07, 2014

The continuing hunt for Seiko 5s has turned up 25 more models. Our catalog now includes 1,175 models!

November's First Batch of Seiko 5s
Posted Nov 01, 2014

Halloween is behind us so let's get November off to a good start by adding 25 more Seiko 5s. Our catalog now includes 1,150 models!

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