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Big News for International Visitors
Posted Aug 25, 2015

Only about one third of the people who visit WatchSleuth come from the United States. Since the prices and availability shown on our site have been exclusively for .com websites and in US dollars a majority of our users may have been unable to take advantage of the price and availability information.

Starting today we now provide the ability to see prices and availability for websites from other countries and in other currencies. This update applies to all of our catalogs, not just the Seiko 5 Finder. The newly available options are:

  • .uk (Pound)
  • .fr (EUR)
  • .de (EUR)
  • .es (EUR)

We plan to add additional options in the future such as .ca, .it and .jp. These options can be selected wherever flags are shown on our site by clicking on one of the flags. The selection will remain in effect for 30 days or until another flag is clicked.

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