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1,000 Seiko 5s
Posted Sep 06, 2014

Three months ago the seiko5finder project began to see if a catalog could be created containing every Seiko 5 ever made. Today a milestone was reached - 1,000 watches in the catalog. To celebrate this achievement we decided to share some of the variety in features that can be found in the Seiko 5 line.

SNK623 There are Seiko 5s with the full day of the week like the SNK623.
SSA067 Some have a 24 hour subdial like the SSA067
SNZC29 The Superiors have Sapphire crystal (SNZC29)
SKZ217 The SKZ217 is one of just a few titanium models found so far
SRP431 If you want a map of the world on your wrist you can try the SRP431
SKZ223 The inner rotating bezel on the SKZ223 can be used to calculate map distances
SRP349 Speaking of interesting features, how about a pilot slide rule bezel (SRP349)
SARZ027 Perhaps a little skeletonization (is that a word?) on the dial would get people's attention (SARZ027)

The next 1,000 will probably be a bit harder to track down than the first, especially as we start looking for watches made before the internet existed, but we're enjoying the search.

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